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Flush Mounted Vs Raceway Mounted

After you've chosen your design, and decided whether you'd like channel letters, or perhaps a cloud cabinet, wall mounting options are the next step. After all- you cant put a sign up without thinking about how its going to be put up! But what is the difference between having a sign built flush mount, or built onto a raceway? 

Many customers find raceway mounting is best for easy installation, and is the best for any time you may have to move the sign to a new area or location. 

Flush mounted letters, right up against the wall, gives a nice clean look to the buildings exterior, and are beneficial for mounting onto multiple locations onto a building.

Our standard raceway comes in the options of 6" wide, or 12" wide, but custom sizes can be requested- Additionally, all raceways can be painted to the color of the customers choice. 

All signs can be a combination of both raceway mounted and flush mounted, to offer more dimension to your sign.

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