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Illumiletter TO GO!

Our online shop makes it easy to find prebuilt pieces, as well as discounted surplus!

Pre-Fabricated Single Sided Cabinets

Overstock and Surplus

Our shops overstock and surplus, ready to ship, or ready to be customized!

Wanna buy, but need some changes made? Give our sales department a call. 

24-48 Hour Shipping Policy:

Illumiletter TO GO! Is here to provide quick and fast service for projects that need a quick turn around time. 

In order to ensure the capability of rapid shipping, Rapid Shipping is only available for a selected region

Standard Shipping and Rapid Shipping is available. 

  • FREE Standard Shipping within 3-5 Weeks of Order Date

  • Rapid Shipping within 24-28 hours of purchase, only available in select area (Fees Apply)

Refunds and Exchanges:

In the event an item is damaged by shipping, Illumiletter will *insert shipping policy*

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