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Getting Started

It Starts With Your Design

Your design is the center of attention for your sign! 

We'll need some details from you first. 

Speaking to A Sales Representative

Sales Reps are available during our hours of operation, ready to talk to you and ready to get your sign ordered, and ready to be built. 

Let the Building Process Begin

Once your invoice is signed off and approved by both you and your sales representative, the building can begin! 

Ready to kick it off? Take a look at what we need from you! 

To keep our process as smooth and fast as possible, we'll need the following...

  • The dimensions of your sign

  • PDF or a vectorized image of sign that is scalable to your desired proportions

  • Vinyl color call outs 

  • Vectorized files of any art work that will be on the sign (such as a logo, a photo, or complex design)

  • The Colors you'd like on the sign Trim Cap and Returns

  • The Colors of LEDs you'd like inside

  •  How the sign will be mounted on the building

If you have questions, or aren't sure about some answers to what we need, our Sales Representatives have the knowledge to guide you through the process and help you out with the details! Let us do the hard work for you!

(509) 985-4465 and Press 1         
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