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Here at Illumiletter Wholesale Sign Company we strive to produce the highest quality signs with wholesale prices and a fast turn around. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction with every sold sign, every time. However, occasionally things may still go wrong. Below we have outlined our companies sign warranties. If all reasonable care has been taken after receiving your sign, and something has failed to perform to expectations, we will repair or replace your sign if necessary, under the warranty terms reflected below. Please feel free to contact your sales associate with any questions regarding your warranty at any time. We stand by our products and appreciate the opportunity to work with you. 

Illumiletter Wholesale Sign Company warranties its signs to be free from defects, as follows:

1. All Products:  manufactured by Illumiletter Wholesales Sign Company are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the shipment date unless otherwise specified in writing. If the following components of the sign structure malfunction because of defects in workmanship or materials, Illumiletter will have the sole option to either repair or replace the defective materials:

  • Vinyl/Digital Prints

  • Acrylic Faces

  • Failing Trim Cap

  • Aluminum Backs and Returns

  • Raceways

  • Secondary Low Voltage Wiring/ Loose Connections

2. Electronics: all carry a parts & labor only manufacture warranty from the original manufacturer.  Claims will need to be filed with the manufacturer offering the warranty.

  • LED Lighting

  • Power Supplies - Illumiletter will pay ZERO labor costs on defective power supplies.

NOTE: Components such as ballasts, transformers, LED message centers, flexible faces, paint and vinyl carry separate manufacturer’s warranties. 

  • Any non-listed items: Illumiletter will only extend the manufacturer's warranty. No other warranty is expressed or implied. This warranty supersedes all verbal and written agreements. 

3. Limited Labor:  Illumiletter offers (1) year ONLY of limited labor up to $150.00 maximum for each approved claim per sign. While defective components will be repaired or replaced during this period without charge, removal and reinstallation labor, along with travel expenses will not be reimbursed beyond the maximum limit.

  • All custom fabricated signs are non-cancelable and non-returnable once the production process has started. Please carefully check all proofs and sales quotes/specs prior to production to confirm sizes, designs, spelling and colors.

  •  Once a sign is received & signed by a customer, they will have (24) hours to verify the sign is correctly manufactured and illuminated.

  • It is the responsibility of the party receiving the shipments to thoroughly inspect each product to be free of any visual damage. Should there be a malfunction with the product, the buyer must notify Ilumiletter prior to taking any action. Any defective products that qualify for warranty, must be returned to Ilumiletter before a replacement or credit is given.

  • Warranty may become null and void if the receiving party: 

    • Fails to provide a suitable and responsible installation environment for the product.

    • Misuse, abuse, mishandling, misapplication or faulty wiring by the installer. 

    • Improper maintenance. 

  • This warranty does not cover the following conditions: 

    • Damage or defects caused by: impacts from other objects, vandalism. 

    • Damage or loss from acts of nature.

    • Damages or defects caused by disturbances or surges in electrical service or improper line voltage under load.

    • Unauthorized attachments, alterations or modifications.  

  • Ilumiletter shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, which results from the use or the inability to use our product. 

  • Ilumiletter will not cover rental or other equipment expenses.

  •  Under NO circumstances shall Illumilletter Wholesale Sign Company be held liable for any labor cost incurred from any defective product.


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